Scientific evidence: Cannabis and Lupus

Cannabis is effective against lupus for several reasons. Many of the anti-inflammatory benefits it delivers are closely related to the relief gained by rheumatoid arthritis sufferers who medicate with the herb. Chiefly, marijuana is a very effective analgesic (pain killer) and anti-inflammatory agent. Because the inflammation associated with lupus can produce considerable pain in the hands and knees, cannabis can both treat the source of the symptom — the inflammation and swelling — while also decreasing one of the main symptoms — pain. Some lupus patients report gaining the most efficacy from their symptoms from strains and extracts of cannabis that are high in the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol). Others claim relief from juicing the leaves of cannabis plants, with CBD-rich strains being indicated as more therapeutic. Most strains and concentrates of cannabis are extremely effective at dealing with the nausea experienced by some lupus patients. Those suffering from insomnia should consider smoking or vaporizing a potent indica before sleep.

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